Table Mountain, the first thing our ancestors saw when they arrived at the Cape of Good Hope.



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This list was started on 26 August 2008

Start your own family tree and add your knowledge to the pool of Greeff information. It is easy! Here is how to do it:

  1. Download the free version of Legacy, a computer program for easy storage of your family tree.
  2. Email Francois Greeff ( and tell him that you are starting a Greeff family tree. He will help you.
  3. Type your own name and details into Legacy.
  4. Type in all the people in your head (parents, brothers and sisters, cousins).
  5. Phone the people you know, and type in everything in their heads.
  6. Type in all the information you have on paper, in documents.
  7. Phone all the relatives you know and ask them for copies of their papers, documents and PHOTOS.
  8. Look for more information in archives, graveyards, and on the internet.

Above all, the most IMPORTANT thing you need to do is to record the SOURCE of your information. Bear in mind that a source can be recorded as: "My grandpa's sister Molly (Maureen Mathilda Greeff) told me on the phone, on 14 May 2008."

Always record people by their birth names, as far as possible. Especially married women - in family trees they ALWAYS keep their maiden names.

Any time you need help, join the Greeff email list - Kuiernet - and just ask. To join the Greeff Kuiernet, please send an email to, with only one word, subscribe, as subject and body. To get out again, send unsubscribe.


Here is a short list of Archives and places that you can contact to find Greeff information. Some free, some cheap, some expensive, but all worth pursuing.

South Africa

1. Obtaining Military Documents (South African National Defence Force)

Documentation Centre of the SANDF
Department of Defence
Private Bag X289

Tel:             +27 (012) 322 6350      
Fax: +27 (011) 322 6360








If you know of good sources of GREEFF INFORMATION, please let me know.


My home phone number is 0044 20 8123 4224 in London, UK.

I live at:
36 Aston Road
SW20 8BE
United Kingdom of Great Britain.

Skype: Greefffrancois.


Is your name in the Greeff Family Tree? Search and check.
Please see: Greeff Saturday Squad if you want to help to build our family tree.