Table Mountain, the first thing our ancestors saw when they arrived at the Cape of Good Hope.



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The Greeff Family History Website is the largest, best, and most specialized  source of information about the Greeff family in the world. We research the entire Greeff family, all over the world. This page is intended to grow as we upload thousands of Greeff Death Notices that we already have. There are technical difficulties, so be patient please.

Death Notices in Rhodesia

Very few Greeff people lived in Rhodesia, but it is certain that some did. To find their death notices one has to trawl through thousands of images that are not indexed. The Excel document below (ZimLinks.xlsx) contains the the first thousand names of an index of the Rodesia Death Notice images (Zimbabwe, Death Registers, 1890-1977; Index to Death Register, 1892-1977) at: . The index contains only the names of colonial settlers in Rhodesia, because the Greeff people I search for were colonial settlers.


There is a Greeff Death notice in the Excel sheet, which can be seen at:


The purpose of listing the Zim Index on this page is to save others the time, effort and money involved in a lengthy search.

If you have any information (including photographs) about the Greeff family, the clan, or any member of it, and particularly information linking to Matthias Greeff, please email it to me,  Francois Greeff, at:

Please add any genealogical information you have as an attachment to your letter. Gedcom files are welcome too.


The web host of this site is Francois Andre Greeff.

My home phone number is 0044 20 8123 4224 in London, UK.

I live at:
36 Aston Road
SW20 8BE
United Kingdom of Great Britain.

Skype: Greefffrancois.


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