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1 Andre Servaas Greeff Matthias Greef (aO), Matthys(aOb2), Matthys(aOb2c1), Francois Petrus(aOb2c1d6)Branch. Francois Petrus Greeff(b. 1746) X Johanna Elizabeth de Villiers (b. 1761). Settled: Paarl, Ceres, Clanwilliam, Piketberg and Kouebokkeveld environs. The name Matthys and after 1872, for 5 generations Servaas, Willem, Johannes,Ryno is often used. 919 313 6 
2 Facebook The people in this tree come from and were typed into a Legacy gedcom by Natanja Mia Greeff, whose great effort is acknowledged with thanks. The entire tree has been imported into Greeff Main Tree, where many links to other people were made. 325 17 0 
3 Greeff e-SAGI Lucas Rinken This tree is of Greeff people extracted from the e-SAGI database that is compiled by Lucas Rinken. 2,186 910 311 
4 Greeff Farms This is NOT a family tree. It is a method of filing information about Greeff Farms so that documents and photos can be linked to the farm record. All information about any farm is stored in the 'Notes' field. 11 0 0 
5 Greeff in Germany This is a Greeff family tree that has been extracted from the book 'Geschichte der Familie Greeff aus der Huckenbach' by Johann Victor Bredt. Marburg. 1941. Karl Gleiser (R Friedrich's Universitats-Buchdruckerei) Marburg-Lahn. 901 382 19 
6 Greeff Main Tree This tree records the Greeff (male lines) descendants of the progenitor of the Greeff family in South Africa, Matthias Greeff, and Susanna Claassen. The clan Greeff now exceeds the boundaries of South Africa and Greeff people from all around the world are in this tree. 5,075 1,730 547 
7 Lichtenburgstam Die Lichtenburgstam is die naam van een groot familie, 'n familie wat almal aan mekaar verwant is omdat hulle familielede is van Kommandant Hendrik Adriaan Greeff, die stigter van Lichtenburg. Hierdie familie behels talle verskillende vanne, want afstammelinge in beide manlike en vroulike lyne word ingesluit. Gabriel Johannes (Jan) Greeff doen die navorsing vir hierdie stamboom. 2,180 759 266 
8 Louis Echbert Greeff Louis Echbert Greeff has researched his ancestors, relatives and family. This tree is the result of his diligent and excellent work.  370 102 2 
9 Louis Egbert IV This is the research of Louis Egbert Greeff IV, who lives at Arendsnes, Cintsa. He is a distant cousin of the other Louis Echbert, who lives in Pretoria.  444 135 0 
10 McMaster McMaster Info 1,657 552 14 
11 Pedigree NM Greeff Ancestors and relatives of Natanja Mia Greeff. 107 43 5 
12 PedigreeAlisanGreeff The ancestors and relatives of Alisan Greeff, born Whittaker. 1,592 542 0 
13 PedigreeBasieGreeff This tree contains the ancestors of the children of Basie Greeff and his wife, Rina Badenhorst. This tree also includes cousins. 328 137 16 
14 PedigreeFAGreeff This tree shows the ancestors of the children of Francois Greeff. 698 346 25 
15 PedigreeFAGreeffEsagi This is a pedigree (kwartierstaat) of his family that was made by Francois Andre Greeff. He added about 700 names to it and submitted it to Esagi. After it had been merged into the Esagi database the same pedigree connected to 4700 people. Using Esagi it took less than a week's work to add 4000 people to the ancestral chart. My sincere thanks to Lucas Rinken of Esagi for the great deal of work he has done to advance Greeff genealogy. 4,740 2,555 665 
16 PedigreeJMGreeff Professor Jacobus Maree Greeff and his ancestors are recorded in this ancestral chart (Kwartierstaat), which he researched himself. 926 479 56 
17 SakkieGreeff Family tree made by Faan Greeff 9son of Martha Elizabeth O'Connell) and his son Jaco. 239 82 1