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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALBERTYN, Engela Johanna b1c3d9  Cape, South Africa I10673
2 ALBERTYN, Hendrik b1  1725Cape, South Africa I17649
3 APPEL, Hendrik Matthys b2c7d3  Cape, South Africa I23360
4 BASSON, Arnoldus Johannes b3c1  Cape, South Africa I29208
5 BASSON, Jan b5c3  1706Cape, South Africa I27003
6 BASSON, Johannes Arnoldus  Abt 1767Cape, South Africa I29085
7 BASSON, Maria Magdalena b5c3d1  Cape, South Africa I30085
8 BASTIAANS, Maria b3c1d3  Cape, South Africa I31751
9 BEKKER, Sara  Abt 1753Cape, South Africa I509533
10 BERNARDI, Catharina Magdalena  Cape, South Africa I23431
11 BESTER, Hendrik b2c5  27 Aug 1766Cape, South Africa I11558
12 BEYERS, Johannes Jurgen b3  Abt 1686Cape, South Africa I29688
13 BEYERS, Margaretha b5  26 Feb 1690Cape, South Africa I26663
14 BEYERS, Maria b2  Cape, South Africa I23555
15 BEYERS, Maria b2  Cape, South Africa I23555
16 BEZUIDENHOUT, Aletta Elisabeth b4c4d6  Cape, South Africa I27809
17 BEZUIDENHOUT, Johannes  Cape, South Africa I12994
18 BEZUIDENHOUT, Maria  1735Cape, South Africa I27811
19 BEZUIDENHOUT, Pieter b4c2d2e1  Abt 1765Cape, South Africa I13393
20 BEZUIDENHOUT, Wynand b4  1 Jul 1674Cape, South Africa I30681
21 BIEBOW, Susanna b1  Abt 1691Cape, South Africa I61047
22 BLIGNAU(L)T, Margaretha Magdalena b4c1d3  Abt 1782Cape, South Africa I29090
23 BLOM, Johannes a2b4  1733Cape, South Africa I23316
24 BOCK, Christiaan a2b4  1714Cape, South Africa I56018
25 BOCK, Clara a2b5  1716Cape, South Africa I56015
26 BOCK, Michiel a2b1  1702Cape, South Africa I26529
27 BOCKELENBERG(BOCKELBERG), Johanna a1b6  Cape, South Africa I11741
28 BOCKELENBERG(BOCKELBERG), Maria Petronella b5c3  Abt 1732Cape, South Africa I25969
29 BOOYSEN, Anna Francina b2c4  Cape, South Africa I17504
30 BOSHOUWER, Gerbrecht b1  Abt 1679Cape, South Africa I30682
31 BOT(H)MA, Jan Daniel b5c3d10e1  Cape, South Africa I26305
32 BOTES, Christina Helena (Magdalena) b2c1d9  1 Sep 1803Cape, South Africa I287577
33 BOTES, Jacob Abraham  Abt 1770Cape, South Africa I22892
34 BOTHA, Ambrensia (Amerentia) b1c4d7  Cape, South Africa I19696
35 BOTHA, Anna Margaretha b4c2  Abt 1716Cape, South Africa I31530
36 BOTHA, Catharina b3  Abt 1690Cape, South Africa I233039
37 BOTHA, Christoffel b1c7d4  Abt 1753Cape, South Africa I30868
38 BOTHA, Cornelia b2c5  Cape, South Africa I13084
39 BOTHA, David Hercules b1c7d7  Cape, South Africa I17330
40 BOTHA, Frederik b1c4d9  Cape, South Africa I10778
41 BOTHA, Jacobus  Abt 1692Cape, South Africa I392732
42 BOTHA, Jacobus  Abt 1692Cape, South Africa I509070
43 BOTHA, Johanna Anna Catharina  Abt 1700Cape, South Africa I117785
44 BOTHA, Johannes b1c4d13  27 Jan 1760Cape, South Africa I16045
45 BOTHA, Margaretha Aletta b1c7d5  1753Cape, South Africa I17016
46 BOTHA, Margaretha Aletta  Abt 1805Cape, South Africa I23427
47 BOTHA, Maria Catharina b2c2  Abt 1712Cape, South Africa I13073
48 BOTHA, Maria Catharina b1c4d1  7 Apr 1738Cape, South Africa I9538
49 BOTHA, Philippus Rudolph b1c4d12  26 Mar 1758Cape, South Africa I16055
50 BOTHA, Philippus Rudolphus a1b1c7  Cape, South Africa I9516
51 BOTHA, Theunis Christoffel b1c2d9  Abt 1745Cape, South Africa I21933
52 BOUWER, Barend Daniel b6  Abt 1754Cape, South Africa I11049
53 BRAND, Floris b2  1703Cape, South Africa I15998
54 BRESSLER, Jacoba Elisabeth  Abt 1845Cape, South Africa I23429
55 BRONS, Anna Maria  Abt 1695Cape, South Africa I29988
56 BRUWER, Johannes b7  Abt 1728Cape, South Africa I12414
57 BRUWER, Susanna b1  Abt 1702Cape, South Africa I272747
58 BURGER, Barend b1  Cape, South Africa I28429
59 BUYS (BUIJS), Elisabeth b4c7  15 Feb 1767Cape, South Africa I26248
60 CAMPBELL, Isobel  Abt 1900Cape, South Africa I23386
61 CAMPBELL, Isobel  Abt 1900Cape, South Africa I23386
62 CAMPHER, Roelof b1c8  12 Jun 1724Cape, South Africa I1944
63 CAMPHER, Sophia b1c5  Abt 1720Cape, South Africa I1322
64 CARELSE, Helena Catharina b3c1  Abt 1778Cape, South Africa I13373
65 CARSTENS, Matthys  Abt 1765Cape, South Africa I29082
66 CARSTENS, Theunis Hermanus  Abt 1770Cape, South Africa I29086
67 CELLIERS, Hester b7c5  Cape, South Africa I20241
68 CLAASEN V.D.K, Susanna  Abt 1666Cape, South Africa I22656
69 CLAASEN V.D.K, Susanna  Abt 1666Cape, South Africa I22656
70 COMBRIN(C)K, Hermanus b4  Abt 1730Cape, South Africa I26723
71 CORDIER, Jacobus b6  Abt 1698Cape, South Africa I26521
72 CORNELISSE, Magteld vdK  Abt 1674Cape, South Africa I14994
73 CRONJ(E)(, Abraham b3c8  Cape, South Africa I15087
74 CRUYWAGEN, Catharina b1c3  Abt 1705Cape, South Africa I51947
75 DE BEER, Frederik Coenraad a2b6c7  Cape, South Africa I30216
76 DE BEER, Johannes George a2b9  Abt 1730Cape, South Africa I24840
77 DE BEER, Maria Elisabeth a2b6c4  Cape, South Africa I30505
78 DE BEER, Matthys Johannes a2b6c5  Cape, South Africa I31413
79 DE BUIS, Maria Elizabeth  1737Cape, South Africa I390697
80 DE JAGER, Christiaan a3b7  Cape, South Africa I23506
81 DE JAGER, Frederick a3b1c8  1740Cape, South Africa I15898
82 DE JAGER, Jacoba Isabella Hermina b1c9d2e3  28 May 1808Cape, South Africa I23273
83 DE JAGER, Jacobus  Abt 1708Cape, South Africa I20682
84 DE JAGER, Martha Hermina  Abt Mar 1772Cape, South Africa I23259
85 DE JONGH, Barbara  Abt 1680Cape, South Africa I658
86 DE LA REY, Adriaan Johannes Geysbertus  25 Dec 1812Cape, South Africa I1235
87 DE LA REY, Adriaan Johannes Geysbertus  25 Dec 1812Cape, South Africa I316
88 DE NICKER, Francois b1  Abt 1718Cape, South Africa I31176
89 DE NICKER, Francois b1  Abt 1718Cape, South Africa I31176
90 DE VEY(F), Christina b2  Cape, South Africa I12821
91 DE VILLIERS, David a3b7c3  Cape, South Africa I31750
92 DE VILLIERS, Elisabeth a1b1c2  Cape, South Africa I116965
93 DE VILLIERS, Elisabeth a3b9c13  Abt 1750Cape, South Africa I31778
94 DE VILLIERS, Johanna Susanna b12c9d1  Abt 1760Cape, South Africa I15892
95 DE VOS, Anna Sophia  Cape, South Africa I116794
96 DE VOS, Anna Sophia b3c9  Dec 1770Cape, South Africa I17671
97 DE VOS, Geertruida Woutrina  Cape, South Africa I14390
98 DE WET, Catharina Helena a1b1c2d5e4f2  25 Oct 1821Cape, South Africa I25964
99 DEETLOF(DIETLOF), Regina Christina a9b2  13 Feb 1692Cape, South Africa I23483
100 DELPORT, Anna Cornelia Maria  1872Cape, South Africa I99466
101 DICKENS, William Herman Frost  10 Jul 1891Cape, South Africa I240571
102 DU BUIS, Johannes b3c1  1730Cape, South Africa I12770
103 DU BUIS, Maria Elizabeth b3c6  1737Cape, South Africa I11360
104 DU PLESSIS, Charl Jacobus b1c11d1e3f4g1  19 Dec 1839Cape, South Africa I21519
105 DU PLESSIS, Charl Petrus b1c11d1e3f3  13 Dec 1818Cape, South Africa I10332
106 DU PLESSIS, Cornelia Carolina  Abt 1760Cape, South Africa I29489
107 DU PLOOY, Michiel a1b3  Cape, South Africa I30693
108 DU PREEZ, Anna Margaretha b6c4d12  Cape, South Africa I11792
109 DU RAND, Pieter Willem b4c3d4e6  25 Feb 1816Cape, South Africa I11989
110 EMSIGHOFF, Frederik Willem a1  Cape, South Africa I267793
111 ENGELBRECHT, Barend Jacobus a12b3c7  Cape, South Africa I15405
112 ERASMUS, Barend b3c2d6  Cape, South Africa I26295
113 ERASMUS, Carel b3c10  Abt 1748Cape, South Africa I19382
114 ERASMUS, Catharina b3c1d3  17 Jun 1759Cape, South Africa I31622
115 ERASMUS, Elisabeth Johanna b3c2d5  Cape, South Africa I26294
116 ERASMUS, Jacob b6  19 Aug 1708Cape, South Africa I29323
117 ERASMUS, Jacob Pieter  Cape, South Africa I434536
118 ERASMUS, Jacob Pieter  Cape, South Africa I510902
119 ERASMUS, Jacobus b3c2d8  Cape, South Africa I26297
120 ERASMUS, Johanna Christina b6c1d2  Cape, South Africa I28483
121 ERASMUS, Johannes b3c7  4 Mar 1742Cape, South Africa I29819
122 ERASMUS, Lourens Daniel  13 Jan 1785Cape, South Africa I23447
123 ERASMUS, Lourens Johannes b3c2d3  5 Oct 1760Cape, South Africa I26290
124 ERASMUS, Margaretha Maria b3c2d7  Cape, South Africa I26296
125 ERASMUS, Maria Magdalena b6c3  Cape, South Africa I26833
126 ERASMUS, Martha Louisa b3c2d1  Cape, South Africa I26288
127 ERASMUS, Rasmus b3c4  28 Jun 1735Cape, South Africa I509584
128 ERASMUS, Rasmus  Abt 1742Cape, South Africa I28401
129 ERASMUS, Samuel Jacobus  18 Feb 1810Cape, South Africa I23450
130 ERASMUS, Samuel Jacobus  Abt 1832Cape, South Africa I23452
131 ERASMUS, Solomon  16 Jun 1754Cape, South Africa I31621
132 ESTERHU(I)(J)(Y)(S)(Z)E(N), Catharina Elizabeth  Abt 1770Cape, South Africa I15634
133 FICK, Anna Elisabeth  Cape, South Africa I116704
134 FICK, Maria b4  Abt 1720Cape, South Africa I31182
135 FICK, Maria  Abt 1728Cape, South Africa I449762
136 FOUCH(E)(, Stephanus b6c2  Abt 1740Cape, South Africa I26651
137 FOUCH(E)(, Steven b6  Abt 1699Cape, South Africa I29207
138 FOUCH(E)(, Susanna b7  Abt 1689Cape, South Africa I18413
139 FOURIE, Jacobus b6c8  Cape, South Africa I27815
140 FOURIE, Susanna Maria b6c3d2  Cape, South Africa I17338
141 GARDE, Susanne  1703Cape, South Africa I27153
142 GILDENHUISZ, Zacharya Geertruy b6c3d2  Abt 1740Cape, South Africa I17541
143 GILDENHUYSEN, Margaretha b7  1684Cape, South Africa I55932
144 GILDENHUYZEN, Anna Margaretha b6c3d1  1739Cape, South Africa I18160
145 GOOSEN, Anna Johanna b2c3d8  Abt 1760Cape, South Africa I102322
146 GOOSEN, Nicolaas b2c3d4  Abt 1765Cape, South Africa I13400
147 GOU(W)S, Aletta Dorothea a1b3c11  Cape, South Africa I26836
148 GOU(W)S, Gerrit Johan Wilhelm a1b1c1d1e7  Cape, South Africa I13619
149 GOU(W)S, Gertruida Anna Magdalena  Abt 1822Cape, South Africa I23264
150 GOU(W)S, Gesina a1b1c1d1e4  7 Jun 1787Cape, South Africa I13628

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BIEBOW, Susanna b1  23 Feb 1687Cape, South Africa I61047
2 BOTHA, Johannes b1c4d13  27 Jan 1760Cape, South Africa I16045
3 CLOETE, Catharina b3  4 Apr 1660Cape, South Africa I18982
4 JORDAAN, Johannes Lodewyk (Ludowicus) b3c1  4 Sep 1729Cape, South Africa I66785
5 JORDAAN (JOURDAAN), Louis a1b3  15 Jul 1697Cape, South Africa I31141
6 JOUBERT, Elizabeth a1b3  Cape, South Africa I117270
7 JOUBERT, Rachel b11  Cape, South Africa I57811
8 KLOPPER, Anna  27 Aug 1724Cape, South Africa I510094
9 KLOPPER, Catharina a2b9  3 Apr 1733Cape, South Africa I24897
10 KLOPPER, Frederik  12 Sep 1717Cape, South Africa I510193
11 KLOPPER, Frederik  13 Sep 1722Cape, South Africa I509672
12 KLOPPER, Magdalena  14 Jul 1715Cape, South Africa I509217
13 KLOPPER, Maria Elizabeth  21 Feb 1720Cape, South Africa I510188
14 M(, Hilgard a4b1c7  4 Jul 1783Cape, South Africa I69522
15 NEL, Adriaan b2c7  25 Mar 1736Cape, South Africa I9545
16 NEL, Aletta Catharina b10c5d6  10 Aug 1766Cape, South Africa I13376
17 NEL, Johanna Margaretha b2c6  26 Mar 1730Cape, South Africa I9544
18 ODENDA(A)L(L), Willem b3  10 Nov 1715Cape, South Africa I16548
19 PIETERSE(N), Hermanus b2  19 Sep 1717Cape, South Africa I23350
20 SNIJMAN, Jacobus Christoffel b1  10 Dec 1690Cape, South Africa I12847
21 STEENKAMP, Anna b9  30 Mar 1727Cape, South Africa I17336
22 STEENKAMP, Arie Dirk b12  19 Sep 1734Cape, South Africa I21161
23 STEENKAMP, Floris b14  22 Mar 1739Cape, South Africa I21163
24 STEENKAMP, Jan b5  19 Oct 1721Cape, South Africa I17333
25 STEENKAMP, Jan Harmen b7  3 Dec 1724Cape, South Africa I20984
26 STEENKAMP, Wilhelm b11  4 May 1732Cape, South Africa I21160
27 SWART, Michiel Hendirk  14 Oct 1736Cape, South Africa I55985
28 SWART, Zacharia Elisabeth  19 Oct 1727Cape, South Africa I55986
29 UYS, Maria a1b4  Cape, South Africa I20169
30 VAN AS, Jacobus a1b2  Abt 1686Cape, South Africa I274784
31 VAN DEN BOSCH, Johannes  13 Apr 1692Cape, South Africa I24659
32 VAN STADEN, Jacobus Frederik b1c3d6  4 Dec 1740Cape, South Africa I23016
33 VAN ZYL, Christina b7  14 Sep 1709Cape, South Africa I28806
34 VAN ZYL, Hester b6  20 Apr 1709Cape, South Africa I15780
35 VAN ZYL, Johanna b8  11 Dec 1718Cape, South Africa I7986
36 VAN ZYL(ZIJL), Pieter b5  12 Dec 1706Cape, South Africa I30647
37 VAN ZYL(ZIJL), Pieter b5  12 Dec 1706Cape, South Africa I30647
38 VIVIERS, Anna b9  17 Jan 1714Cape, South Africa I26991
39 Z)EE, Geertruida Margaretha -COET(S b7c3d2  21 Aug 1763Cape, South Africa I30774


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALBERTS(E), Aaltje (Aletta)  Aft 1673Cape, South Africa I5258
2 ALBERTYN, Adam progenitor  1729Cape, South Africa I17658
3 ALBERTYN, Christoffel Jacobus b1c3d7  Cape, South Africa I14385
4 ALBERTYN, Coenraad Johannes b1c11  Cape, South Africa I9831
5 ALBERTYN, Engela Johanna b1c3d9  Cape, South Africa I10673
6 ALBERTYN, Hendrik Adam  Cape, South Africa I15633
7 ALBERTYN, Maria Elizabeth  Cape, South Africa I14396
8 APPEL, Catharina a1b2c4  Cape, South Africa I26677
9 APPEL, Johanna  25 Feb 1777Cape, South Africa I21524
10 APPEL, Sophia b2c1  Cape, South Africa I29989
11 ARTOIS, Paulus a1  Abt 1759Cape, South Africa I29189
12 AUCAMP, Christiaan  Cape, South Africa I28486
13 BADENHORST, Caspar Heinrich progenitor a1  1741Cape, South Africa I27897
14 BARNARD, Adam b2  Cape, South Africa I10519
15 BASSON, Arnoldus Johannes b3c1  1742Cape, South Africa I29208
16 BASSON, Jan b5c3  Cape, South Africa I27003
17 BASSON, Johannes b3  Bef 1720Cape, South Africa I25225
18 BASSON, Maria Magdalena b5c3d1  8 Apr 1789Cape, South Africa I30085
19 BEKKER, Helena Catharina  Cape, South Africa I20568
20 BEKKER, Hester b2  11 Jan 1778Cape, South Africa I26622
21 BEKKER, Johanna Catharina b4c2  1779Cape, South Africa I26638
22 BEKKER, Josina Elisabeth b4c7  Cape, South Africa I26643
23 BEKKER, Stephanus b4  Cape, South Africa I26623
24 BEKKER, Stephanus Johannes b4c1  Cape, South Africa I26636
25 BESSELAME, Elizabeth (Maria)  Cape, South Africa I17156
26 BESTER, Andries b2c3  Cape, South Africa I11556
27 BESTER, Anna Margaretha b2c2  Cape, South Africa I11554
28 BESTER, Hendrik b2c5  Cape, South Africa I11558
29 BESTER, Paulus b4  Cape, South Africa I26827
30 BEUTLER, August Frederik  Cape, South Africa I31178
31 BEYERS, Elisabeth b1  Cape, South Africa I10929
32 BEYERS, Johannes Jurgen b3  Cape, South Africa I29688
33 BEYERS, Margaretha b5  8 Mar 1766Cape, South Africa I26663
34 BEYERS, Maria b2  1746Cape, South Africa I23555
35 BEYERS, Maria b2  1746Cape, South Africa I23555
36 BEZUIDENHOUT, Aletta a1b4c3  Cape, South Africa I30673
37 BEZUIDENHOUT, Aletta Elisabeth b4c4d6  Cape, South Africa I27809
38 BEZUIDENHOUT, Cornelis b4c4  Sep 1783Cape, South Africa I12992
39 BEZUIDENHOUT, Gerrit b4c6  Cape, South Africa I13378
40 BEZUIDENHOUT, Johanna (Jannetjie) b4c5  Cape, South Africa I30469
41 BEZUIDENHOUT, Leenders Van Zevenhuizen  Sep 1783Cape, South Africa I117775
42 BEZUIDENHOUT, Maria  Cape, South Africa I27811
43 BEZUIDENHOUT, Pieter Gerrit b4c2  Bef 3 Feb 1741Cape, South Africa I12988
44 BEZUIDENHOUT, Wynand b4c1  Cape, South Africa I12990
45 BEZUIDENHOUT, Wynand Fredrik b4c2d3  Cape, South Africa I13080
46 BLOM, Catharina b2c1  Apr 1762Cape, South Africa I9814
47 BLOM, Pieter (Pierre) Barend  1738Cape, South Africa I423724
48 BLOM, Pieter Barend b2  1755Cape, South Africa I27211
49 BOCK, Catharina a2b2  1775Cape, South Africa I23466
50 BOCKELENBERG(BOCKELBERG), Anna b5c6  Cape, South Africa I26187
51 BOCKELENBERG(BOCKELBERG), Daniel b5c4  Cape, South Africa I26270
52 BOCKELENBERG(BOCKELBERG), Elizabeth b5c5  Cape, South Africa I26271
53 BOCKELENBERG(BOCKELBERG), Esther (Ester) b5c8  Cape, South Africa I26274
54 BOCKELENBERG(BOCKELBERG), Geertruy b5c9  Cape, South Africa I26275
55 BOCKELENBERG(BOCKELBERG), Johanna a1b6  Cape, South Africa I11741
56 BOCKELENBERG(BOCKELBERG), Johannes b5c1  Cape, South Africa I26267
57 BOCKELENBERG(BOCKELBERG), Sara b5c7  Cape, South Africa I26273
58 BOOYSEN, Anna Francina b2c4  Cape, South Africa I17504
59 BOOYSEN, Maria b2c5  Cape, South Africa I17499
60 BOSHOUWER, Pieter a1  Bef 1701Cape, South Africa I52625
61 BOT(H)MA, Cornelis b5c3d10  Bef 1832Cape, South Africa I26285
62 BOT(H)MA, Maria Aletta b5c3d2  Cape, South Africa I31873
63 BOTES, Hilletje b1  Cape, South Africa I30009
64 BOTHA, Anna b8  Cape, South Africa I31669
65 BOTHA, Anna  Cape, South Africa I392739
66 BOTHA, Anna  Cape, South Africa I509072
67 BOTHA, Anna Margaretha b4c2  1 Oct 1765Cape, South Africa I31530
68 BOTHA, Catharina b3  Cape, South Africa I233039
69 BOTHA, Catharina  Cape, South Africa I392729
70 BOTHA, Catharina b5c7  11 Jun 1753Cape, South Africa I12579
71 BOTHA, Catharina b2c7  1758Cape, South Africa I23532
72 BOTHA, Christoffel b4c5  Cape, South Africa I31736
73 BOTHA, Christoffel b1c7d4  Cape, South Africa I30868
74 BOTHA, Christoffel b1c2  17 Jun 1764Cape, South Africa I31846
75 BOTHA, Cornelia b7  1753Cape, South Africa I31658
76 BOTHA, Cornelia  Bef 12 May 1754Cape, South Africa I384633
77 BOTHA, David Hercules b1c7d7  Cape, South Africa I17330
78 BOTHA, Elsie b4c8  Cape, South Africa I19600
79 BOTHA, Frederik b4c7  Cape, South Africa I31758
80 BOTHA, Hans Jurgen b4c6  Cape, South Africa I31747
81 BOTHA, Hester b5c10  Bef 12 Dec 1762Cape, South Africa I12601
82 BOTHA, Hester Carolina b1c7d10e4  Cape, South Africa I15394
83 BOTHA, Jacobus b1c4  Cape, South Africa I31868
84 BOTHA, Jacobus b4  Cape, South Africa I31627
85 BOTHA, Jacobus b4c3  Cape, South Africa I17080
86 BOTHA, Jacobus  Cape, South Africa I392732
87 BOTHA, Jacobus  Cape, South Africa I509070
88 BOTHA, Jacobus Lodewyk b1c7d6  Cape, South Africa I23440
89 BOTHA, Johanna Etresia b1c2d9e7  Abt 1810Cape, South Africa I21937
90 BOTHA, Johannes b5  Cape, South Africa I31636
91 BOTHA, Johannes b4c4  Cape, South Africa I31725
92 BOTHA, Johannes b5  Cape, South Africa I31636
93 BOTHA, Johannes b1c4d13  Bef 30 Oct 1803Cape, South Africa I16045
94 BOTHA, Margaretha b1c3  Cape, South Africa I31857
95 BOTHA, Margaretha Aletta b1c7d5  Cape, South Africa I17016
96 BOTHA, Margaretha Isabella b1c4d2  Cape, South Africa I11371
97 BOTHA, Maria b5c1  Abt 1739Cape, South Africa I12513
98 BOTHA, Maria b6  Bef 5 Oct 1749Cape, South Africa I13078
99 BOTHA, Maria Catharina b1c4d1  Cape, South Africa I9538
100 BOTHA, Maria Catharina b2c2  Cape, South Africa I13073
101 BOTHA, Maria Elisabeth  Cape, South Africa I23251
102 BOTHA, Maria Elizabeth b1c5  1760Cape, South Africa I31879
103 BOTHA, Martha b5c5  Bef 13 Mar 1748Cape, South Africa I12557
104 BOTHA, Marthinus Christoffel b4c9  Cape, South Africa I31779
105 BOTHA, Petronella Catharina b2c4d4  Cape, South Africa I28636
106 BOTHA, Petrus b4c10  Bef 20 May 1787Cape, South Africa I31791
107 BOTHA, Rudolph Philip  26 Feb 1849Cape, South Africa I266348
108 BOTHA, Rudolph Philippus b1c7d10  Cape, South Africa I5910
109 BOTHA, Theunis b1c1  Cape, South Africa I31835
110 BOTHA, Theunis  Cape, South Africa I390543
111 BOTHA, Theunis  Cape, South Africa I508858
112 BOTHA, Theunis b1  Abt 1746Cape, South Africa I59959
113 BOTHA, Theunis Christoffel b1c2d9  Cape, South Africa I21933
114 BOTHA, Willem b2  Abt 1728Cape, South Africa I31605
115 BOUWER, Barend Daniel b6  Cape, South Africa I11049
116 BRAND, Anna Catharina(Christina)  Cape, South Africa I15996
117 BRAND, Floris b2  Cape, South Africa I15998
118 BRAND, Johannes a1b3  Bef 1749Cape, South Africa I12820
119 BRAND, Robbert Robberts progenitor  Cape, South Africa I29612
120 BREITENBACH, Johan Jacob  1786Cape, South Africa I426135
121 BREITENBACH, Johan Jacob  1786Cape, South Africa I510445
122 BRESSLER, Jacoba Elisabeth  Cape, South Africa I23429
123 BRESSLER, Johannes Augustus  Cape, South Africa I23430
124 BRIERS, Petrus Franciscus Melchior  28 Jan 1803Cape, South Africa I257185
125 BRIT(S)(Z), Cornelis b5c7  Cape, South Africa I30413
126 BRIT(S)(Z), Geertruy (Geertruida) b5c6  Cape, South Africa I14990
127 BRIT(S)(Z), Gideon b6c10  Cape, South Africa I18437
128 BRIT(S)(Z), Magdalena a1b1  Cape, South Africa I306572
129 BRITS, Magdalena b7c3  Cape, South Africa I15802
130 BRITS, Magdalena a1b1  Cape, South Africa I306572
131 BRONKHORST, Adriana b5  Cape, South Africa I19691
132 BRONS, Anna Dorothea a1b2  Cape, South Africa I30076
133 BRONS, Anna Maria  Cape, South Africa I29988
134 BRUERE, Anne  1699Cape, South Africa I57085
135 BRUWER, Johannes b7  31 Mar 1794Cape, South Africa I12414
136 BRUWER, Susanna b1  Cape, South Africa I272747
137 BURCHERDT (BURGER), Berndt (Barend)  1705Cape, South Africa I572
138 BURCHERDT (BURGER), Berndt (Barend)  1705Cape, South Africa I572
139 BURGER, Andries b3  16 Dec 1749Cape, South Africa I28420
140 BURGER, Anna Sophia b2c4  17 Jan 1798Cape, South Africa I11914
141 BURGER, Anna Sophia  Abt 1802Cape, South Africa I420107
142 BURGER, Barend b1  Cape, South Africa I28429
143 BURGER, Helena b4  Cape, South Africa I29173
144 BURGER, Helena  Cape, South Africa I511345
145 BURGER, Jacobus b5  Cape, South Africa I13334
146 BURGER, Willem b2  1731Cape, South Africa I28399
147 CALITZ, Frederik b2  Cape, South Africa I29490
148 CALITZ, Petronella  Cape, South Africa I13119
149 CAMPHER, Cornelis b1  Cape, South Africa I31103
150 CAMPHER, Jacoba b4  Cape, South Africa I1804

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BOTH (BOTHA), Friedrich progenitor  Cape, South Africa I31575


Matches 1 to 150 of 464

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   Abt 1693Cape, South Africa F8554
2 /   Abt 1695Cape, South Africa F25185
3 /   1697Cape, South Africa F27594
4 /   1697Cape, South Africa F152010
5 /   1702Cape, South Africa F151986
6 /   1702Cape, South Africa F152004
7 /   1702Cape, South Africa F158252
8 /   21 Jan 1714Cape, South Africa F151988
9 /   21 Jan 1714Cape, South Africa F152006
10 /   21 Jan 1714Cape, South Africa F158255
11 /   5 May 1714Cape, South Africa F143809
12 /   Abt 1718Cape, South Africa F21168
13 /   12 Apr 1722Cape, South Africa F23369
14 /   2 Apr 1724Cape, South Africa F8241
15 /   24 Dec 1724Cape, South Africa F25857
16 /   8 Oct 1730Cape, South Africa F142238
17 /   2 Sep 1731Cape, South Africa F40133
18 /   9 Oct 1746Cape, South Africa F9867
19 /   5 Nov 1752Cape, South Africa F22383
20 /   Abt 1754Cape, South Africa F142440
21 /   17 Apr 1757Cape, South Africa F3724
22 /   10 Apr 1763Cape, South Africa F11352
23 /   24 Aug 1766Cape, South Africa F26817
24 /   4 Mar 1770Cape, South Africa F84467
25 /   11 Oct 1798Cape, South Africa F8035
26 / VIVIER  8 Sep 1726Cape, South Africa F25505
27 ALBERTS(E) / GOU(W)S  Abt 1773Cape, South Africa F6826
28 ALBERTYN / BOSMAN  22 Aug 1784Cape, South Africa F7149
29 ALBERTYN / DE VILLIERS  11 Feb 1787Cape, South Africa F3677
30 ALBERTYN / ESTERHU(I)(J)(Y)(S)(Z)E(N)  14 Oct 1792Cape, South Africa F6314
31 ALBERTYN / GROENEWALD V.D.K.  7 Feb 1751Cape, South Africa F3683
32 ALBERTYN / LEY  24 Sep 1798Cape, South Africa F7151
33 APPEL / NIEMAND  Not MarriedCape, South Africa F14229
34 APPEL / SMIT  25 Dec 1739Cape, South Africa F56955
35 APPEL / SWART  30 Sep 1781Cape, South Africa F8673
36 AUCAMP / LE ROUX  15 May 1791Cape, South Africa F4039
37 AUCAMP / VAN DER MERWE  2 May 1784Cape, South Africa F10428
38 BARNARD / LE ROUX  20 Jun 1734Cape, South Africa F25007
39 BASSON / SMIT  15 Nov 1801Cape, South Africa F10620
40 BASSON / VAN DER WESTHU(I)(Y)(S)(Z)EN  12 Mar 1763Cape, South Africa F10298
41 BESTER / DEBE(T)S  8 Apr 1759Cape, South Africa F4482
42 BESTER / ERASMUS  30 Jun 1755Cape, South Africa F126290
43 BESTER / ERASMUS  30 Jun 1755Cape, South Africa F9888
44 BESTER / HEEMS  4 Apr 1767Cape, South Africa F9890
45 BEUTLER / VAN DEN HEEVER  4 Jan 1750Cape, South Africa F11261
46 BEZUIDENHOUT / BOTHA  10 Oct 1728Cape, South Africa F45979
47 BEZUIDENHOUT / NEL  20 Apr 1788Cape, South Africa F24380
48 BEZUIDENHOUT / SCHEEPERS  15 Oct 1741Cape, South Africa F5230
49 BLOM / JACOBS  1722Cape, South Africa F25120
50 BLOM / JACOBS  Abt 1725Cape, South Africa F150807
51 BOCK / VAN DER POEL  2 Jul 1719Cape, South Africa F46163
52 BOCK / VAN DER POEL  2 Jul 1719Cape, South Africa F9790
53 BOT(H)MA / BOCKELENBERG(BOCKELBERG)  28 Feb 1768Cape, South Africa F9610
54 BOT(H)MA / ERASMUS  6 Apr 1788Cape, South Africa F9693
55 BOT(H)MA / STEENTS  22 Feb 1692Cape, South Africa F11378
56 BOTES / GOU(W)S  26 Feb 1792Cape, South Africa F6923
57 BOTHA / BLOM  10 Nov 1737Cape, South Africa F3669
58 BOTHA / DU TOIT  15 Mar 1739Cape, South Africa F149089
59 BOTHA / DU TOIT  15 Mar 1739Cape, South Africa F153396
60 BOTHA / OBERHOL(S)(T)(Z)ER  5 Apr 1789Cape, South Africa F11169
61 BOTHA / PAASEN  27 Feb 1752Cape, South Africa F4048
62 BOTHA / RAUTENBACH  28 Oct 1780Cape, South Africa F6540
63 BOTHA / SNYMAN  15 Dec 1710Cape, South Africa F146655
64 BOTHA / SNYMAN  15 Dec 1710Cape, South Africa F152433
65 BOTHA / VAN DER MERWE  18 May 1721Cape, South Africa F27598
66 BRAND / DE VEY(F)  28 Apr 1726Cape, South Africa F5014
67 BRAND / WILLEMSE  14 Apr 1720Cape, South Africa F6844
68 BRESSLER / BERNARDI  23 Feb 1806Cape, South Africa F8698
69 BRIT(S)(Z) / VAN ECK  29 Jan 1775Cape, South Africa F5078
70 BRU / DE RUELLE  Abt 1690Cape, South Africa F40126
71 BRU / DE RUELLE  1690Cape, South Africa F153500
72 BURCHERDT (BURGER) / VAN DER MERWE  Abt 1690Cape, South Africa F201
73 BURCHERDT (BURGER) / VAN DER MERWE  Abt 1690Cape, South Africa F201
74 BURGER / MOUTON  12 Jan 1727Cape, South Africa F10429
75 BURGER / PASMAN  Abt 1711Cape, South Africa F107004
76 BURGER / SCHEEPERS  31 Jul 1729Cape, South Africa F5211
77 CALITZ / LABUSCHAGNE  8 Feb 1795Cape, South Africa F23303
78 CALITZ / Z)ER  30 Dec 1770Cape, South Africa F10742
79 CAMPHER / JANSE(N) VAN VUUREN  10 Sep 1752Cape, South Africa F633
80 CARSTENS / SMIT  25 Feb 1789Cape, South Africa F10617
81 CARSTENS / SMIT  7 Dec 1794Cape, South Africa F10621
82 CLAAS(S)EN(S) / MOMBERG  18 Aug 1799Cape, South Africa F9237
83 CLOETE / KUUN  19 Apr 1744Cape, South Africa F25372
84 CLOETE / LOURENS  3 Jun 1758Cape, South Africa F6772
85 CLOETE / VAN DER MERWE  Abt 1713Cape, South Africa F151202
86 COMBRIN(C)K / GOU(W)S  3 Dec 1797Cape, South Africa F7864
87 COMBRIN(C)K / NEL  20 May 1753Cape, South Africa F5795
88 CONRADIE / VAN DEVENTER  24 May 1772Cape, South Africa F26139
89 CONTERMAN(N) / BEYERS  19 May 1720Cape, South Africa F25360
90 CONTERMAN(N) / NEL  4 Aug 1743Cape, South Africa F10942
91 CORDIER / MARAIS  Abt 1720Cape, South Africa F141182
92 CORDIER / MARAIS  Abt 1720Cape, South Africa F22166
93 CORDIER / MARAIS  Abt 1720Cape, South Africa F149101
94 CRAUSE / GROENENBERG  17 May 1736Cape, South Africa F8747
95 CRAUSE / STOLTS  4 Apr 1762Cape, South Africa F8706
96 CRONJ(E)( / ROI  19 May 1741Cape, South Africa F6029
97 DE BEER / VAN DE(N)(R) BERG  1 Jul 1786Cape, South Africa F10972
98 DE BEER / VAN DE(N)(R) BERG  1 Jul 1786Cape, South Africa F143573
99 DE BEER / VAN DYK  30 Nov 1760Cape, South Africa F25262
100 DE BEER / VILJOEN  12 Aug 1787Cape, South Africa F3714
101 DE JAGER / FOURIE  27 Oct 1765Cape, South Africa F8598
102 DE JAGER / ROG  1804Cape, South Africa F8587
103 DE JAGER / STRYDOM  16 Nov 1738Cape, South Africa F8596
104 DE JAGER / STRYDOM  14 Feb 1768Cape, South Africa F6455
105 DE KLERK / VAN JAARSVELD  10 Oct 1745Cape, South Africa F9950
106 DE MAKER / DE CLERCQ (DE KLERK)  Not MarriedCape, South Africa F141529
107 DE MAKER / DE CLERCQ (DE KLERK)  Not MarriedCape, South Africa F6530
108 DE NICKER / VAN DEN HEEVER  1 Oct 1741Cape, South Africa F11259
109 DE NICKER / VAN DEN HEEVER  1 Oct 1741Cape, South Africa F11259
110 DE VILLIERS / BASTIAANS  2 Nov 1760Cape, South Africa F11398
111 DE VILLIERS / JOUBERT  1724-1725Cape, South Africa F26217
112 DE VILLIERS / TAILLEFER  1694Cape, South Africa F25567
113 DE VILLIERS / VAN DEN HEEVER  17 Jan 1751Cape, South Africa F4151
114 DE VOS / FICK  8 Dec 1805Cape, South Africa F45543
115 DE WET / GREEF  11 Jun 1919Cape, South Africa F658
116 DE WET / GREEFF  11 Jun 1919Cape, South Africa F9517
117 DU BUIS / SCHEEPERS  9 Jan 1752Cape, South Africa F4977
118 DU BUYS / HOFFMAN  8 Oct 1730Cape, South Africa F148386
119 DU PLESSIS / MEYER  30 Sep 1838Cape, South Africa F3932
120 DU PLESSIS / RADEMEYER  Cape, South Africa F3946
121 DU PREEZ / BEZUIDENHOUT  16 Oct 1774Cape, South Africa F9228
122 DU PREEZ / BEZUIDENHOUT  18 Jun 1775Cape, South Africa F4442
123 DU PREEZ / CORDIER  Abt 1705Cape, South Africa F22279
124 DU PREEZ / LA GRANGE  9 Dec 1820Cape, South Africa F10213
125 DU PREEZ / LE F  1696Cape, South Africa F5939
126 DU PREEZ / LE F  1696Cape, South Africa F151246
127 DU PREEZ / OLIVIER  16 Nov 1788Cape, South Africa F4437
128 DU PREEZ / POTGIETER  21 Aug 1749Cape, South Africa F3597
129 DU PREEZ / PREVOT  1698Cape, South Africa F142404
130 DU PREEZ / STRYDOM  7 Sep 1766Cape, South Africa F4440
131 DU TOIT /   16 May 1688Cape, South Africa F150402
132 DU TOIT / ROUSSEAU  1716Cape, South Africa F575
133 DU TOIT / VAN DER MERWE  22 Jan 1741Cape, South Africa F148701
134 DU TOIT / VAN DER MERWE  22 Jan 1741Cape, South Africa F153579
135 ECKHOFF / LE F  29 Aug 1688Cape, South Africa F151244
136 EMSIGHOFF / VAN DEN HEEVER  27 Aug 1741Cape, South Africa F98725
137 ERASMUS / BOCKELENBERG(BOCKELBERG)  1756Cape, South Africa F9645
138 ERASMUS / BOCKELENBERG(BOCKELBERG)  Abt 1767Cape, South Africa F25114
139 ERASMUS / DE BEER  Abt 1809Cape, South Africa F8707
140 ERASMUS / GROBBELAAR  3 Feb 1796Cape, South Africa F6411
141 ERASMUS / HATTINGH  6 May 1792Cape, South Africa F9692
142 ERASMUS / HOFFMAN  Not MarriedCape, South Africa F8743
143 ERASMUS / HOFFMAN  Abt 1726Cape, South Africa F153390
144 ERASMUS / JANSE(N) VAN RENSBURG  Abt 1860Cape, South Africa F8690
145 ERASMUS / JOOSTE  28 Feb 1768Cape, South Africa F10836
146 ERASMUS / JOOSTEN  1697Cape, South Africa F157958
147 ERASMUS / LAAS  11 May 1783Cape, South Africa F11362
148 ERASMUS / PIENAAR  4 Aug 1732Cape, South Africa F156697
149 ERASMUS / PIENAAR  4 Aug 1732Cape, South Africa F9688
150 ERASMUS / PIENAAR  4 Aug 1732Cape, South Africa F150966

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