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Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl)



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BOT(H)MA, Johannes (Jan) b5  23 Jul 1670Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I31666
2 BOTHA, Elsie b4c8  29 Jul 1725Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I19600
3 CELLIER, Jan b2  1702Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I31326
4 CELLIER, Maria b6  1707Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I31329
5 CELLIER, Pieter b8  1711Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I31331
6 CORDIER, Phillippus b8  Abt 1659Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I117293
7 CRONJ(E)(, Anna b4  27 Jan 1715Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I9472
8 CRONJ(E)(, Elisabeth b2  Abt 1711Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27160
9 CRONJ(E)(, Magdalena b6  20 Feb 1718Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I9477
10 CRONJ(E)(, Maria b1  1710Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I9478
11 CRONJ(E)(, Pierre b3  1713Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I28788
12 CRONJE (CRONIER), Izaak  Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I304633
13 DE BEER, Helena  6 Jan 1710Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I300477
14 DE BEER, Samuel Jacobus a2b6c6  18 Feb 1759Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I23521
15 DE JAGER, Elizabeth a3b1c10  Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I19840
16 DE JAGER, Isabella Elisabeth b7c1  Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I22974
17 DE JAGER, Lourens a3b9  15 Nov 1711Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I23061
18 DE VILLIERS, Abraham a3b9c5  Nov 1743Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I31697
19 DE VILLIERS, Izaak a1b4  1703Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I10754
20 DE VILLIERS, Jacobus a3b6  14 Sep 1699Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27139
21 DE VILLIERS, Margaretha a3b7  8 Jul 1705Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27158
22 DE VILLIERS, Susanna a2b4  1697Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27155
23 DEBE(T)S, Adriana b3  Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I26832
24 DU BUIS, Jean b3  9 Oct 1709Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I25233
25 DU BUIS (DUBUIS OR BUIJS (BUIS)), Sara a1b1  11 Nov 1701Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I26839
26 DU PLESSIS, Pieter b1c1  Abt 1713Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27785
27 DU TOIT, Andries a1b1  1691Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27241
28 DU TOIT, Francois a1b5c1  3 May 1717Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I25998
29 DU TOIT, Johannes a1b5c7  Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27294
30 DU TOIT, Maria Susanna a1b6c3  Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27317
31 ERASMUS, Lourens b3  22 Jun 1704Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I225985
32 FOURIE, Louis b6  Abt 1703Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I23559
33 FOURIE, Susanna b1  1694Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I26520
34 GOU(W)S, Andries a1b6  1698Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I23548
35 GROB(B)(E)L(L)(A)(A)(E)R, Catharina b2  Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I30398
36 GROB(B)(E)L(L)(A)(A)(E)R, Cornelia b3  Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I30399
37 GROB(B)(E)L(L)(A)(A)(E)R, Cornelis b11  Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27061
38 GROB(B)(E)L(L)(A)(A)(E)R, Cornelisz  31 Mar 1736Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I300024
39 GROB(B)(E)L(L)(A)(A)(E)R, Dirkje b10  Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I30406
40 GROB(B)(E)L(L)(A)(A)(E)R, Dorothea b8  Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I30405
41 GROB(B)(E)L(L)(A)(A)(E)R, Geertruy b7  Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I30404
42 GROB(B)(E)L(L)(A)(A)(E)R, Johannes b1  Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I30397
43 GROB(B)(E)L(L)(A)(A)(E)R, Nicolaas b6  1723Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I30403
44 GROB(B)(E)L(L)(A)(A)(E)R, Petrus b5  Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I16692
45 GROB(B)(E)L(L)(A)(A)(E)R, Willem b4  5 Dec 1720Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I30401
46 HARST, Clara a4b2  1687Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I16939
47 HOLT(S)(Z)HAU(S)(Z)EN, Johannes Andreas b3  Abt 1737Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I9404
48 JACOBS, Catharina a15b5c5  Abt 1712Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I12203
49 JACOBS, Daniel a15b5c3  Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I28841
50 JACOBS, Maria a15b5c2  1705Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27213
51 JACOBS, Susanna a15b5c4  1709Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I28842
52 JANSE(N) VAN RENSBURG, Johannes b1  16 Jun 1709Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I31519
53 JAUBERT, Catharine Magdeleine Francoise  Abt 1697Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I54626
54 JOUBERT, Elizabeth a1b3  1692Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I117270
55 JOUBERT, Francois b10  Abt 1706Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27146
56 JOUBERT, Jacques (Jacob) b2  1691Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27143
57 JOUBERT, Josua b10c6  Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27524
58 JOUBERT, Pieter  Abt 1726Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I287859
59 JOUBERT, Pieter (Pierre) b4  1694Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27149
60 KARELSE (CARELSE), Hermina  Abt 1665Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I22975
61 LE FEBRE, Martha a2b3  Abt 1684Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I28230
62 LE RICHE, Susanne b1  Abt 1709Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I23560
63 LE ROUX, Jan a1b3  1709Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I15906
64 LOMBA(A)RD, Anthonie b3  1693Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I12947
65 MALHERBE, Elisabeth b4  1 Dec 1697Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I28688
66 MALHERBE, Elizabeth  1697Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I420541
67 MALHERBE, Magdalena b7  Abt Jun 1705Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I15968
68 NORTJ(, Anthonie a1b3  Abt 1693Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I28695
69 NORTJ(, Jean a1b5  1697Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I29550
70 NORTJ(, Maria a1b3c3  1721Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I28844
71 PIENAAR, Hester b1c2  5 Oct 1714Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I28397
72 PIENAAR, Salomon (Johannes) b8  3 Oct 1704Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I26733
73 PINARD, Esther b6  Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I12214
74 PINARD, Jean b7  Abt 1708Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I28694
75 PINARD, Marie-Madeleine b4  1701Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I28693
76 POTGIETER, Catharina b7c6  5 Feb 1730Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I21946
77 POTGIETER, Hans Jurgen b7  Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I16950
78 POTGIETER, Hans Jurgen  1690Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I392136
79 POTGIETER, Maria b7c7  1735Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27807
80 POTGIETER, Sibella (Isabella) b1c3  Abt 1711Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27685
81 PRETORIUS, Gerrit Pieter b3c1d3  31 Mar 1743Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I30493
82 ROSSOUW, Aletta b8  1702Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I28729
83 ROSSOUW(ROUSSEAU), Anna b1  1694Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I26911
84 ROUX, Jeremia b6  1697Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I63526
85 ROUX, Paul b1  1689Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I26806
86 SNIJMAN, Christina a1b4  22 Jul 1695Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I12869
87 SNYMAN, Christoffel b7c1  Jan 1727Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I17079
88 STEENKAMP, Gesina b6  Abt 1723Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I26518
89 STEYN, Douw Gerbrand b1c1d8  Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I16916
90 SWART, Alida Maria a2b2c3d2  1746Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I12963
91 VAN DEN BOSCH, Catharina b1  Bef 29 Jan 1689Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I346964
92 VAN DEN HEEVER, Magdalena a1b5  18 Oct 1722Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I31164
93 VAN DER MERWE, Anna b2c7  21 May 1704Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I12502
94 VAN DER MERWE, Carel b2c2  16 Nov 1698Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27239
95 VAN DER MERWE, Carel b2c17  8 Aug 1725Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I28398
96 VAN DER MERWE, David b2c9  20 Aug 1707Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I11948
97 VAN DER MERWE, David Schalk  1704Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I511289
98 VAN DER MERWE, Elsie (Elisabeth) b2c1  17 Aug 1697Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I28381
99 VAN DER MERWE, Gerrit b2c14  22 Oct 1716Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I20962
100 VAN DER MERWE, Hendrik b3c12  5 Oct 1714Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I103389
101 VAN DER MERWE, Hester b2c4d1  Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I12225
102 VAN DER MERWE, Hester  Bef 22 Jul 1725Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I442256
103 VAN DER MERWE, Jacobus b2c4  9 Jul 1700Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I12170
104 VAN DER MERWE, Maria b2c6  15 Apr 1703Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I28387
105 VAN DER MERWE, Pieter b2c10  7 Jun 1709Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I11892
106 VAN DER MERWE, Pieternella b2c16  21 Apr 1720Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27299
107 VAN DER MERWE, Sophia b2c8  27 Mar 1706Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I28389
108 VAN DER MERWE, Willem b2c5  4 Oct 1701Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I20941
109 VAN STADEN, Marthinus b1c3  21 Jun 1706Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I29719
110 VAN WIJK, Gerrit a2b3  Bef 14 Dec 1704Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I389616
111 VAN WYK, Adriaan  1701Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I30671
112 VAN ZYL, Gideon b4  Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I23477
113 VAN ZYL, Jacobus Albertus b4c3d7  Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I23434
114 VAN ZYL(ZIJL), Pieter b5  Bef 12 Dec 1706Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I30647
115 VOLSCHENK, Magdalena b6  1738Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27062
116 VROONHOF(TROONHOF), Dirk progenitor  Abt 1687Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I10235


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BEZUIDENHOUT, Pieter Gerrit  10 Nov 1709Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I426122
2 BEZUIDENHOUT, Pieter Gerrit  10 Nov 1709Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I510444
3 BLOM, Pieter (Pierre) Barend  29 Apr 1699Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I423724
4 BOTHA, Hester Magdalena b1c4d5  10 Apr 1746Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I363394
5 BOTHA, Maria  1 May 1695Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I392735
6 BOTHA, Maria  1 May 1695Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I509071
7 BOTHA, Philippus Rudolphus a1b1c7  13 Sep 1722Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I9516
8 BOTHA, Theunis b1c1  7 Nov 1711Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I31835
9 BURGER, Helena b4  8 Jul 1701Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I29173
10 CELLIER, Abraham b7  21 Sep 1709Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I31330
11 CELLIER, Elisabeth b4  26 Jul 1705Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I31328
12 CELLIER, Francina b5  30 Oct 1706Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I28201
13 CELLIER, Jan b2  1702Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I31326
14 CELLIER, Josu b1  2 Jan 1701Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I31325
15 CELLIER, Judith b10  1 Mar 1716Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I31333
16 CELLIER, Pierre b3  10 Nov 1703Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I31327
17 CELLIER, Pieter b8  16 Aug 1711Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I31331
18 CELLIER, Susanna b9  24 Sep 1713Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I31332
19 CELLIERS, Magdalena b11  26 Dec 1717Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I31335
20 CLAASZ, Johannes  12 Jan 1727Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I30692
21 CLOETE, Catharina b2c10  3 Aug 1698Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I91555
22 CORDIER, Jacobus b6  23 Oct 1689Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I26521
23 CORDIER, Jeanette b2  1688Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I14122
24 CORDIER, Philippe  26 Oct 1698Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I448000
25 CORDIER, Phillippus b8  26 Oct 1698Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I117293
26 DE BEER, Hermina Christina b6c8  27 Mar 1763Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I14601
27 DE BEER, Isabella Elizabeth B7493  20 Mar 1791Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I298793
28 DE BEER, Samuel Jacobus a2b6c6d5  27 Dec 1798Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I209376
29 DE BEER, Zacharias Joseph b6c9  14 Oct 1764Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I197891
30 DE VILLIERS, Abraham a3b9c5  8 Dec 1743Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I31697
31 DE VILLIERS, Jacobus a3b6  29 Apr 1703Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27139
32 DE VILLIERS, Margaretha a3b7  9 Aug 1705Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27158
33 DE VILLIERS, Pieter a3b7c1  8 Apr 1730Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I31748
34 DE VILLIERS, Susanna a2b4  24 Nov 1697Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27155
35 DEBE(T)S, Adriana b3  8 May 1740Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I26832
36 DU BUIS, Jean b3  22 Sep 1709Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I25233
37 DU PLESSIS, Dani b1c10  25 May 1732Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27856
38 DU PREEZ, Philippe b6c4  4 Apr 1705Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27677
39 DU TOIT, Andries a1b1  1691Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27241
40 DU TOIT, Pierre (Pieter) a1b5  24 Mar 1697Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I306216
41 ERASMUS, Catharina  24 Jan 1706Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I509220
42 ERASMUS, Larius (Elardus)  6 Feb 1707Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I509221
43 ERASMUS, Lourens Pietersz  22 Jun 1704Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I412834
44 ERASMUS, Lourens Pietersz b3  22 Jun 1704Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I509219
45 FERREIRA, Petrus Hendrik b3  5 Aug 1736Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I16002
46 FOURIE, Anna b12  8 Aug 1718Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I28843
47 FOURIE, Francina b6c5  13 Oct 1737Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I9405
48 FOURIE, Francoise b2  6 Sep 1696Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I66364
49 FOURIE, Jacobus b6c8  20 Oct 1743Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27815
50 FOURIE, Marcus b10  14 May 1713Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I19753
51 FOURIE, Maria b3  20 Oct 1698Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I68812
52 FOURIE, Maria b6c7  2 Jul 1741Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I23547
53 FOURIE, Martha b4  27 Mar 1701Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I17085
54 FOURIE, Martha b6c9  12 Jun 1745Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I23067
55 FOURIE, Petrus Jacobus b14c2  23 Sep 1753Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I12617
56 FOURIE, Sara b7  29 Nov 1705Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I30679
57 GOU(W)S, Jeanne a1b5  25 Sep 1695Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I29778
58 GROB(B)(E)L(L)(A)(A)(E)R, Coert b9  26 Nov 1730Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I250614
59 GROB(B)(E)L(L)(A)(A)(E)R, Cornelia b3  28 Aug 1718Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I30399
60 GROB(B)(E)L(L)(A)(A)(E)R, Cornelis b11  31 Mar 1736Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27061
61 GROB(B)(E)L(L)(A)(A)(E)R, Dirkje b10  6 Apr 1733Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I30406
62 GROB(B)(E)L(L)(A)(A)(E)R, Dorothea b8  18 Apr 1728Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I30405
63 GROB(B)(E)L(L)(A)(A)(E)R, Geertruy b7  31 Dec 1724Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I30404
64 GROB(B)(E)L(L)(A)(A)(E)R, Hermanus b6c4  3 May 1761Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I59432
65 GROB(B)(E)L(L)(A)(A)(E)R, Johannes b1  9 Feb 1716Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I30397
66 GROB(B)(E)L(L)(A)(A)(E)R, Willem b4  12 May 1720Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I30401
67 GROBBELAAR, Coert (Coenraad)  26 Nov 1730Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I510262
68 HANEKOM, Sara b1  10 Sep 1714Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I28731
69 HUMAN, Marija (Maryna) Susanna b8  28 Nov 1728Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I30408
70 JACOBS, Daniel a15b5c3  16 Oct 1706Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I28841
71 JACOBS, Daniel  16 Oct 1706Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I448160
72 JACOBS, Pieter a15b5c1  14 Oct 1703Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I28840
73 JACOBS, Susanna Sophia a15b5c3d5  25 Dec 1748Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I104052
74 JANSE(N) VAN RENSBURG, Amarentia b1c2d1  30 Mar 1755Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I10983
75 JANSE(N) VAN RENSBURG, Hendrik b6  12 Sep 1723Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I11870
76 JANSE(N) VAN RENSBURG, Jacobus b1c2  10 May 1733Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I275561
77 JANSE(N) VAN RENSBURG, Nicolaas b5  3 Mar 1720Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I11859
78 JANSE(N) VAN RENSBURG, Sophia b7  23 Dec 1725Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I11881
79 JANSE(N) VAN RENSBURG, Willem b4  21 Nov 1717Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I11848
80 JAUBERT, Johanne David  7 Dec 1695Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I55122
81 JONKER, Adriaan b7  18 Nov 1753Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I97870
82 JOUBERT, Francois b10  28 Nov 1706Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27146
83 JOUBERT, Francoise (Francina) b6  11 Nov 1697Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I146866
84 JOUBERT, Louise b7  6 Dec 1699Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27147
85 JOUBERT, Maria b9  27 Oct 1710Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27150
86 JOURDAN, Anna a2b1  30 Dec 1698Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I30635
87 KNOET(S)(Z)E(N), Geertruyd b3  11 Jul 1706Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I24965
88 KNOET(S)(Z)E(N), Gertruida  11 Nov 1697Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I147955
89 KNOET(S)(Z)E(N), Johannes b1  7 May 1692Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I14594
90 KNOET(S)(Z)E(N), Susanna  7 Jan 1742Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I28599
91 KNOET(S)(Z)E(N), Wilhelmina b7  9 Feb 1716Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I30420
92 KUUN, Anna Catharina b2  28 Jun 1717Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I28573
93 L(O)(, Christoffel Johannes  26 Feb 1775Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I346929
94 LABUSCHAGNE, Jan Harmse b2c4  21 Aug 1740Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I29486
95 LE FEBRE, Martha a2b3  30 Jul 1684Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I28230
96 LE GRANGE, Marthinus b1c2  30 Mar 1739Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I23545
97 LE RICHE, Pierre b2  13 Nov 1712Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I28596
98 LE RICHE, Susanne b1  22 Sep 1709Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I23560
99 LE ROUX, Jan a1b3  19 May 1709Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I15906
100 MALHERBE, Elisabeth b4  1 Dec 1697Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I28688
101 MALHERBE, Elizabeth  1 Dec 1697Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I420541
102 MALHERBE, Magdalena b7  28 Jun 1705Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I15968
103 MALHERBE, Pierre (Pieter) b3  25 Sep 1695Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I31336
104 ME(IJ)(Y)ER, Jan Abraham a2b5  18 Dec 1707Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I11691
105 MOUTON, Martha  12 May 1709Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I29196
106 NIE(U)WOU(D)T, Anna b1c2  25 Feb 1742Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I9722
107 NORTJ(, Maria a1b3c3  16 Nov 1721Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I28844
108 OELOFSE, Roelof b9  Abt 1708Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I1986
109 OELOFSE, Roelof  Abt 1708Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I423720
110 OOSTHUYSE(N), Sara -OOST(E)HUI(S)(Z)E(N) b1c1  23 Dec 1725Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I26732
111 PIENAAR, Hester b1c2  20 Feb 1718Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I28397
112 PIENAAR, Martha b2c2  21 Mar 1717Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I23530
113 PIENAAR, Martha  21 Mar 1717Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I447920
114 PIENAAR, Petrus b1c4  21 Sep 1721Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I10763
115 PINARD, Esther b6  30 Oct 1706Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I12214
116 PINARD, Jean b7  Abt 1708Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I28694
117 POTGIETER, Hans Jurgen  16 Jul 1690Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I392136
118 POTGIETER, Hermanus b7c1  15 Jul 1721Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I15040
119 POTGIETER, Jacobus b7c8  14 Nov 1734Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27810
120 PREVOT, Maria b2c2  28 Jan 1713Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I15066
121 ROSSOUW, Aletta b8  9 Oct 1709Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I28729
122 ROSSOUW, Anna b9c1d1  2 Jan 1752Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I301052
123 ROSSOUW, Daniel b11  9 Oct 1707Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27228
124 ROSSOUW, Daniel b9c1d6  21 Mar 1762Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I10533
125 ROSSOUW, Gabriel (Johannes) b9c1d4  13 Nov 1757Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I16386
126 ROSSOUW, Jan Anthonie b9c1d7  22 Apr 1764Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I31811
127 ROSSOUW, Maria b8c2  29 Jan 1730Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I58511
128 ROSSOUW, Martha b5  28 Jul 1698Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27242
129 ROSSOUW, Pierre b6  3 May 1700Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I117820
130 ROSSOUW, Pierre b9  2 Sep 1703Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I28388
131 ROSSOUW, Pieter b9c1d3  31 Aug 1755Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I23435
132 ROSSOUW, Susanna b9c1d2  21 Oct 1753Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I54863
133 ROSSOUW, Susanna Elisabeth b9c1d5  25 Nov 1759Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I17843
134 ROSSOUW (ROUSSEAU), Magdalena (Madaleine) b3  26 Feb 1695Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I24584
135 ROUSSEAU, Elisabeth b4  14 Oct 1696Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I1182
136 SCHEEPERS, Maria b4  5 Mar 1713Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I13290
137 SCHOEMAN, Helena Dorothea a1b2  3 May 1739Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I26645
138 SCHOEMAN, Johannes Hendrik a1b1  6 Oct 1737Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I26649
139 SCHOEMAN, Jurgen a1b3  6 Aug 1740Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I26650
140 SMIT, Petronella a1b4c4  23 Nov 1727Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I29049
141 SNIJMAN (SNYMAN), Susanna b8  28 Oct 1703Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I12902
142 SNYMAN, Philippus b7  24 Jul 1701Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I12891
143 SNYMAN (SNIJMAN), Johanna b6  25 Oct 1699Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I12880
144 STEENKAMP, Gerrit b13  7 Oct 1736Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I21162
145 STEENKAMP, Gesina b6  4 Jul 1723Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I26518
146 STEENKAMP, Lucas b10  24 Jul 1729Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I14929
147 SWART, Alida Maria a2b2c3d2  2 Oct 1746Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I12963
148 SWART, Elizabeth Helena b2c3d4  11 Apr 1751Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I23357
149 VAN DER MERWE, Carel b2c2  30 Dec 1698Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27239
150 VAN DER MERWE, Carel b2c17  2 Sep 1725Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I28398

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Matches 1 to 54 of 54

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BOTHA, Philippus Rudolph b1c4d12  22 Apr 1821Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I16055
2 BRIET, Susanna  13 Feb 1724Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I31389
3 COMBRIN(C)K, Jan Hendrik b2  Feb 1777Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I5835
4 CORDIER, Louisa b3  22 Nov 1774Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I12192
5 DE BEER, Helena  1713Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I300477
6 DE VILLIERS, Jacobus a3b6  1735Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27139
7 DE VILLIERS, Margaretha a3b7  2 Dec 1776Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27158
8 DE VILLIERS, Susanna a2b4  7 Apr 1730Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27155
9 DU PREEZ, Hercule  9 May 1721Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I447921
10 DU PREEZ, Hercules b2  9 May 1721Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I24083
11 DU TOIT, Stephanus a1b8  10 Nov 1769Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27105
12 ERASMUS, Pieter (Den Deen)  1731Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I511620
13 FOURIE, Elizabeth b6c12  16 Mar 1852Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I61209
14 FOURIE, Susanna b1  29 Apr 1762Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I26520
15 JANSE(N) VAN RENSBURG, Nicolaas Jansz  Dec 1728Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I392745
16 JANSZ VAN RENSBURG, Claas (Nicolaas)  6 Oct 1728Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I10225
17 JOUBERT, Gideon b8  1 Aug 1739Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27151
18 JOUBERT, Jean b5  Bef 16 Mar 1738Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I26908
19 JOUBERT, Louise b7  15 Aug 1764Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27147
20 JOUBERT, Maria b9  8 Apr 1746Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27150
21 JOUBERT, Pieter (Pierre) b4  1741Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27149
22 JOUBERT (JAUBERT), Pierre (Or David) progenitor  30 Jun 1732Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I26445
23 KNOET(S)(Z)E(N), Geertruyd b3  1726Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I24965
24 LABUSCHAGNE, Jan Harmse b2c4  Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I29486
25 LABUSCHAGNE, Pieter a1  Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I15977
26 LE RICHE, Susanne b1  Jun 1788Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I23560
27 LE ROUX, Pierre a1b2  26 Apr 1771Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I31340
28 LOMBA(A)RD, Jan b5  1720Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I31690
29 LOOTS, Jan progenitor  17 Jan 1782Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27157
30 LORET (LAURET), Guillaume a1  5 Jan 1718Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I26278
31 MARAIS, Marie (Madeleine) a1b4  7 Jul 1716Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I306302
32 NORTJ(, Daniel a1  27 Apr 1711Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I54986
33 PIENAAR(PINARD), Jacques progenitor  1712Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27360
34 POTGIETER, Hans Jurgen b7  1736Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I16950
35 POTGIETER, Hans Jurgen  1736Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I392136
36 RETIEF, Anna  Abt 1710Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I413121
37 RETIEF (RETIF), Anne  1710Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27276
38 RICHARDE, Isabeau  7 Oct 1748Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I33165
39 ROSSOUW(ROUSSEAU), Pierre progenitor  1719Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I226400
40 ROUX, Paul progenitor  7 Feb 1723Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I26807
41 SCHEEPERS, Coenraad Jacob progenitor  1729Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I10214
42 SNYMAN, Christoffel b7c1  Jan 1783Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I17079
43 SNYMAN (SNIJMAN), Christoffel progenitor  Abt 1706Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I31703
44 SNYMAN (SNIJMAN), Maria Magdalena b3  25 Nov 1723Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I31824
45 TAILLEFER, Suzanne b5  13 Feb 1724Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I52469
46 TERBLANCHE, Ettienne (Estienne) progenitor  1737Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I16003
47 VAN DEN(DER) HEEVER, Peter Petersen a2  1767Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I11740
48 VAN DER MERWE, Aletta b7  30 Sep 1729Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I21710
49 VAN DEVENTER, Geesje Gerritsz b6  1730Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I27159
50 VAN RENSBURG, Claas Jansz  Bef 6 Oct 1728Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I383258
51 VAN STADEN, Marthinus b1c3  Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I29719
52 VAN WIJK, Maria  25 Feb 1773Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I293529
53 VYTON(VITOUT), Maria  27 Apr 1711Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I54950
54 Z)ER, Johanna Dorothea -COET(S b1c2  Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I29474


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ROUX, Paul progenitor  Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) I26807


Matches 1 to 123 of 123

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   Jul 1689Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F152011
2 /   Jul 1689Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F157960
3 /   12 Feb 1690Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F25124
4 /   1692Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F46189
5 /   8 Feb 1733Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F3762
6 /   11 Feb 1742Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F11029
7 BAUER / NEL  23 May 1784Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F5250
8 BEKKER(BECKER) / DE CLERCQ (DE KLERK)  19 Aug 1691Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F25032
9 BESTER / GOU(W)S  4 May 1783Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F9889
10 BEZUIDENHOUT / BOTHA  10 Oct 1728Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F5108
11 BEZUIDENHOUT / BOTHA  1 Jan 1730Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F25093
12 BOCKELENBERG(BOCKELBERG) / LAURET (LORET)  25 May 1732Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F25112
13 BOTHA / DU TOIT  15 Mar 1739Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F22677
14 BOTHA / POTGIETER  13 Dec 1733Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F27112
15 BOTHA / POTGIETER  5 Jan 1738Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F142755
16 BOTHA / VAN E(E)DEN  13 Jun 1734Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F26454
17 BURGER / VAN DER MERWE  1716Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F25304
18 CLAAZEN (CLAASZ) / KNOET(S)(Z)E(N)  22 May 1735Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F25349
19 CLOETE / SCHEEPERS  12 Oct 1738Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F25371
20 D'AILLY / CRONJ(E)(  31 Oct 1741Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F25680
21 DE BUIS / JACOB  1700Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F25589
22 DE JAGER / MALHERBE  29 Sep 1726Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F6500
23 DELITS (DEBES) / VAN DEVENTER  7 Apr 1735Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F10762
24 DIETLOF / VAN E(E)DEN  4 Mar 1742Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F25580
25 DU PLESSIS / OLIVIER  15 Feb 1756Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F150673
26 DU PLESSIS / OLIVIER  15 Feb 1756Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F5336
27 DU PLESSIS / OLIVIER  15 Feb 1756Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F25605
28 DU PREEZ / POTGIETER  9 Mar 1727Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F25194
29 DU TOIT / JACOBS  13 Feb 1757Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F25121
30 DU TOIT / JORDAAN (JOURDAAN)  13 Dec 1750Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F23164
31 DU TOIT / PIENAAR  23 May 1751Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F21910
32 DU TOIT / ROSSOUW  7 Mar 1717Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F24515
33 DU TOIT / VAN DER MERWE  22 Jan 1741Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F19097
34 ERASMUS /   4 Aug 1737Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F25705
35 ERASMUS / DE KLERK  4 Aug 1737Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F156695
36 ERASMUS / JACOBS  4 Nov 1725Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F10547
37 ERASMUS / JACOBS  4 Nov 1725Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F151284
38 ERASMUS / PIENAAR  8 Sep 1731Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F25115
39 ERASMUS / PIENAAR  8 Dec 1731Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F154809
40 ERASMUS / PIENAAR  8 Dec 1731Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F150406
41 FOURIE /   2 Mar 1716Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F151483
42 FOURIE / CORDIER  1692Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F25434
43 FOURIE / DU PREEZ  9 Mar 1760Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F116050
44 FOURIE / JOURDAN  2 Mar 1716Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F4952
45 FOURIE / LE RICHE  16 May 1728Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F25201
46 GROB(B)(E)L(L)(A)(A)(E)R / COMBRIN(C)K  15 Apr 1753Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F25418
47 GROB(B)(E)L(L)(A)(A)(E)R / HUMAN  14 Feb 1751Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F25830
48 GROB(B)(E)L(L)(A)(A)(E)R / KNOET(S)(Z)E(N)  16 May 1756Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F10481
49 GROB(B)(E)L(L)(A)(A)(E)R / PYL  16 Jul 1740Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F25828
50 GROB(B)(E)L(L)(A)(A)(E)R / SNYMAN  14 Feb 1751Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F132703
51 HAARHOF / JOUBERT  20 May 1759Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F25163
52 HAARHOF / LE FEBRE  1723Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F25725
53 HOLT(S)(Z)HAU(S)(Z)EN / BOTHA  9 May 1734Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F4529
54 HUPPENAAR (HUBNER) / HOFFMAN  31 Mar 1736Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F27104
55 JANSE(N) VAN RENSBURG / BOTHA  3 Dec 1758Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F4408
56 JANSE(N) VAN RENSBURG / BURGER  2 Jul 1740Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F25305
57 JANSZ VAN RENSBURG / VAN DER MERWE  14 Aug 1708Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F25220
58 JOUBERT / GARDE  5 Aug 1725Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F6028
59 JOUBERT / VAN WYK  22 Jun 1727Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F25129
60 KNOET(S)(Z)E(N) / GROB(B)(E)L(L)(A)(A)(E)R  16 May 1756Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F25829
61 L(O)( / JACOBS  28 Dec 1761Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F40844
62 LABUSCHAGNE / BESSELAME  11 Nov 1731Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F26171
63 LANDMAN / HOFFMAN  10 Mar 1747Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F153391
64 LOMBA(A)RD / JOUBERT  10 Oct 1718Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F26216
65 LOOTS / JOUBERT  15 Sep 1726Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F10814
66 LORET (LAURET) / JOUBERT  23 Jan 1717Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F25113
67 MARAIS / ROSSOUW  25 Feb 1720Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F25274
68 MULDER / STRYDOM  28 Oct 1736Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F5463
69 NEL / NEL  21 Feb 1779Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F5273
70 NEL / ROSSOUW  27 Dec 1747Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F25649
71 NORTIER / MOUTON  8 Aug 1717Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F6401
72 NORTJ( / MALHERBE  9 Oct 1729Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F21816
73 OLIVIER / DU TOIT  16 Apr 1730Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F22676
74 OLIVIER / NIE(U)WOU(D)T  5 Sep 1762Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F3614
75 PIENAAR / OOSTHUYSE(N)  1 Sep 1743Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F25276
76 PIENAAR(PINARD) / LE FEBRE  Aft 1698Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F26194
77 PLEUNIS / JOUBERT  21 May 1719Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F56328
78 POTGIETER / MARAIS  2 Mar 1749Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F141528
79 POTGIETER / MARAIS  2 Mar 1749Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F3367
80 POTGIETER / VAN ROOYEN  14 Mar 1751Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F5812
81 PRETORIUS / DE BEER  5 Apr 1772Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F5126
82 PRINSLOO / NEL  8 May 1763Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F25492
83 RABIE / GROB(B)(E)L(L)(A)(A)(E)R  3 Dec 1752Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F25832
84 ROSSOUW / LE RICHE  15 Sep 1743Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F5065
85 ROSSOUW / RETIEF  10 Apr 1729Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F26351
86 ROSSOUW / SENEKAL  9 May 1751Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F22954
87 ROSSOUW / VAN DER MERWE  Abt 1726Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F26501
88 ROSSOUW(ROUSSEAU) / RETIEF (RETIF)  1689Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F95028
89 ROUSSEAU / VAN DER MERWE  Abt 1726Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F152363
90 ROUX / JOUBERT  21 May 1719Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F46366
91 SCHOEMAN / BEKKER  25 Sep 1757Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F23780
92 SCHUMACHER, LATER SCHOEMAN / OLIVIER  7 Oct 1736Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F82622
93 SNYMAN / POTGIETER  21 Feb 1751Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F45775
94 SNYMAN / VAN DEVENTER  14 Apr 1726Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F25502
95 STEENKAMP / VAN ECK  19 May 1720Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F5947
96 STEENKAMP / ZAAL  13 Mar 1768Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F7042
97 STRYDOM / NORTJ(  14 Jun 1711Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F3846
98 SWANEPOEL / JACOBS  19 May 1771Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F27799
99 TERBLANCHE / LE FEBRE  3 Dec 1713Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F25266
100 VAN DEN(DER) HEEVER / BOCKELENBERG(BOCKELBERG)  23 Jun 1726Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F8586
101 VAN DER MERWE / DU TOIT  31 Dec 1719Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F46420
102 VAN DER MERWE / H  12 Sep 1728Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F26037
103 VAN DER MERWE / JANSE(N) VAN RENSBURG  19 Apr 1732Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F4612
104 VAN DER MERWE / PIENAAR  8 Oct 1747Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F151267
105 VAN DER WESTHU(I)(Y)(S)(Z)EN / OLIVIER  7 Nov 1706Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F26377
106 VAN HELSDINGEN / SNIJMAN  Abt 1729Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F98860
107 VAN HELSDINGEN / SNYMAN  Abt 1729Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F5067
108 VAN RENSBURG / VAN DER MERWE  14 Aug 1708Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F144774
109 VAN ROOYEN / BOTHA  13 Apr 1738Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F24058
110 VAN ROOYEN / BOTHA  13 Apr 1738Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F144781
111 VAN ROOYEN / VAN DEVENTER  27 Oct 1720Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F25728
112 VAN STAADEN / VAN DER MERWE  1703-1705Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F150740
113 VAN STADEN /   15 Aug 1728Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F111192
114 VAN WIJK / CAMPHER  2 Jan 1729Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F8979
115 VAN WYK / CAMPHER  19 Dec 1738Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F538
116 VAN WYK / DE JAGER  8 Apr 1762Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F75247
117 VAN WYK / LE LONG  Abt 1689Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F21726
118 VAN ZYL / LABUSCHAGNE  27 Oct 1765Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F26173
119 VAN ZYL / VAN E(E)DEN  20 Nov 1729Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F25800
120 VERMAAK / SCHEEPERS  23 Mar 1745Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F26575
121 VOGEL / DU PREEZ  21 Aug 1749Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F24530
122 Z)ER / DU PLESSIS  16 Sep 1797Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F5154
123 Z)ER / JORDAAN  16 Mar 1785Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa(Paarl) F5147