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 SA Genealogies: Errata
(Suid-Afrikaanse Geslagregisters / South African Genealogies, Vol 2 (D-G) Heese, JA; Lombard, RTJ : GGSA, 1989)

The Greeff entry in South African Genealogies contains several errors. This page serves to point out errors and contradictions in SAG, and, where possible, to supply detailed, supported corrections.

Error 1. The ninth child of Matthias Greeff and Susanna Claassen.

The ninth child of Matthias Greeff and Susanna Claassen is incorrectly reported to be:
b9 Jacobus x 14.1.1725 Maria Lowrens.

The ninth child of Matthias Greeff and Susanna Claassen was, in fact, Adrianus, who was baptised at Stellenbosch on 21 May 1702. For further information and evidence, please click on the link: Matthys Greeff and his Children.

Error 2. Andries Albertus Greeff and his wife.

SAG, vol 2, page 518, reports:
e7 Andries Albertus =22.7.1777 x Swartland 1.3.1801 Beatrix Aletta Lategan.
Cross reference to the Lategan entry, Vol 5, pp 54 & 56, reveals that
SAG lists two different girls, both Beatrix Aletta Lategan (b7c2 and b1c4), who are both recorded as marrying Andries Albertus Greeff at Swartland on 1 March 1801.

It is, in fact, Beatrix Aletta Lategan, b7c2, who married Andries Albertus Greeff. For further information and evidence, please click on the link: Greeff Lategan Marriages.

Error 3. Susanna Hendrika Greeff x Andries Hermanus Olivier.

SAG, Vol 2, p518, reports:
f8 Susanna Hendrika * 6.1.1803 = Paarl 13.2.1803 x George 1.4.1833 Andries Hermanus OLIVIER
f5 Susanna Hendrika = 27.10.1811 x George 1.4.1833 Andries Hermanus OLIVIER

With thanks to Paul Bosman who pointed out this error on the SA Genealogie mailing list (From: Paul Bosman, To: SAGenealogie@yahoogroups.com, Sent: Friday, September 21, 2007 9:19 AM, Subject: [SA-Gen] Susanna Hendrika GREEFF)

It is, in fact, Susanna Hendrika Greeff, = 27.10.1811 (do Andries Albertus and Beatrix Aletta Lategan) who married Andries Hermanus Olivier. I gratefully thank Ronel Olivier for sending me the proof of this, by copying a death notice and its reference number to me. Ronel wrote:

Olivier, MOOC 6/9/124 Ref 4518
NAAM: Susanna Hendrika GREEFF
GEBORE: *Oudtshoorn
OUERS: dv Andries en Beatrix Aletta GREEFF
BEROEP: Boervrou
WOONPLEK: Armoed Oudtshoorn
EGGENOOT: Andries Hermanus OLIVIER + Armoed distrik Oudtshoorn
Geen kinders
Get GJ Olivier
Geliaseer 01.08.1868
Hierdie Sk is ongedateer geteken. Daar was geen besitting genoem nie. Ek vermoed sy het by die GJ Olivier gewoon aangesien die persoon wat die SK teken gewoonlik teenwoordig was ten tye van die afsterwe, of die lyk uitgeken het.
Daar was geen testament nie.

Paul Bosman tells me that SAG, Vol 1, reports that Combrink married Susanna Hendrika Greeff, but gives no indication which of the two cousins (the girls' fathers were brothers) Combrink married.

In fact, Combrink married the daughter of Hendrik Greeff and his wife Susanna Maria (born Greeff) and Olivier married the daughter of Andries Albertus Greeff and Beatrix Aletta Lategan.