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Which Family Tree?

When using the search facility one can search 'all trees' or just the tree one wants. Normally, it is best to select "Greeff. Main Family Tree."

The trees are, in alphabetical order:

  1. All Trees. This is not a tree, but a search option to search for people on the entire genealogical database of www.Greeff.info. The search includes all the trees on this list.

  2. AS Greeff Tree. This tree is the family tree of Professor (emeritus) Andre Servaas Greeff and it was researched by him over a period of 17 years. It contains his ancestors and his descendants and the descendants, within limits, of Matthias Greeff, the progenitor of the Greeff family in South Africa. It details cousins and relatives, including descent in some female lines. As far as possible he lists all siblings of each of his Greeff ancestors. This is a remarkable and excellent piece of research. To contribute your information, send Andre an email at Andre@Greeff.info. This tree is continuously updated.

  3. BFM Greeff Ancestors. This tree is limited to my own research into the ancestors of my children only. It is intended to be a small tree.

  4. Boyd Census. This tree was created to track all the Boyd people who were born in Cleasby, in an effort to find the birth of John Percival Boyd, whose military record states that he was born there. A diligent search of both Free BMD and the Census records from 1841 to 1901 shows no possibility of JP Boyd having been born there, unless he changed his name from plain Percival Boyd, who was born at Cleasby. Percival Boyd also spent 12 years in the Yorkshire Regiment, which the South African Military Record of JP Boyd states he had done. No JP Boyd has been found in the [Yorkshire Regiment] Discharge Records, where Percival Boyd was found.

  5. Greeff  Main Tree. This tree continuously grows as other files are added to it by members of the Greeff family from all over the world. It records the descendants of Matthias Greeff (the progenitor of the Greeff family in South Africa). It is intended to become a very big tree, eventually including all members of the Greeff family all over the world. You may add your family tree to this tree, just mail a gedcom file to Greeff@Greeff.info . This tree is continuously updated.

  6. Greeff in Germany. This Tree is taken from the book by Victor Bredt, Geschichte der Familie Greeff, which was published in Germany in 1941. It contains a family tree of the Greeff family in Germany, and a record of some of then who emigrated to America, together with some American members of the family.

  7. Jelley. A small study I did as a favour for someone else.

  8. Lichtenburgstam. This tree records ALL the descendants of Hendrik Adriaan Greeff, the founder of the town Lichtenburg in South Africa. Descendants in both male and female lines are recorded. This remarkable and excellent tree is constantly researched by Jan Greeff of Barberton, South Africa. To contribute your information, send Jan an email at Grewe@verslank.net. This tree is continuously updated.

  9. Nicholas Rudman Descendants. This whole tree was sent to me by someone whose name I have forgotten. I would very much like to find out who that person was, so that I can give proper recognition and credit to the researcher who did all this excellent work.

  10. Willem Kempen, Descendants. This tree records the Kempen family in South Africa; the descendants of the progenitor in South Africa, Willem Kempen. This tree was my first attempt at genealogy, in which I was assisted by my wife at the time, who passed the tree to Willem Kempen in Australia. He added to it, and then passed it back to me. He has many Kempen photographs, which are not on this web site.