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Greeff Stammbaum by JP Werth, 1921.
Click on the picture to enlarge.
Source: Heinrich Heine Universitat, Dusseldorf. Universitats- und Landesbibliothek. Verfasser Werth, JP [HP02356855]. Titel Stambaum der Familie Greeff. ID HT 010775268. Ort Nurnberg. Jahr 1921.


Greeff Family History

The Greeff family tree in South Africa, Germany and USA can be viewed on this web page. The main language of the genealogical web page of the Greeff family  is English. The source documents of the Greeff genealogy are mostly in Afrikaans, German or Dutch, and are generally reported in the original language. Visitors to the Greeff pages are welcome to make a  contribution in any language. To find your own name in the Greeff Family History site, click on "Search" in the menu at the top of this page. To add your family, please go to "Add your family".

Greeff Familie Geskiedenis

Die Greeff stamboom van Suid Afrika, Duitsland en Amerika kan op hierdie webblad besigtig word. Die voertaal van die Greeff familie se genealogiese webblad is Engels maar enigeen is welkom om 'n bydrae in enige ander taal te maak. Die genealogie van die Greeff familie stamboom  se brondokumente is meestal in Afrikaans, Duits of Nederlands. Dokumente word hoofsaaklik in die oorspronklike taal vermeld. Om jou eie naam in die Greeff familie webwerf te soek, klik op "Search" in die bostaande spyskaart. Om jou familie by die stamboom te voeg, gaan na "Add your family".

Francois Greeff, London, 1 July 2006.